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Becker BXP6401-2-(01) Mode S Transponder Class 2

The Becker BXP6401-2-(01) Mode S Transponder Class 2 is a compace and light-weight single block transponder suited for VFR and IFR flight up to 15,000ft.

The unit is designed for panel mounting and fits in to a 57mm mount. The sunlight readable display can be illuminated and dimmed for night operation.

The transponder is equipped with extended squitter and SI code function and it provides an interface to the central aircraft data system. It allows ELS and supports EHS, ADS-B' via extended squitter.

The mode-S ICAO address and additional fixed data are stored in a separate address module AM 6400-1-(01), which is plugged in to the transponder and remains in the aircraft if the transponder were to be exchanged.

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