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AvMap EKP-V + A2 + Dock


This version of AvMap's moving map GPS system incorporates all the functionality of the basic EKP-V, plus Air Data, Altitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) & panel docking system.

System includes:

EKP-V Navigator
Cockpit Docking Station
A2 ADAHRS module

EKP-V with Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference System.

The core of the EFIS is AvMap A2 module. The module contains solid-state gyros, accelerometers, magnetic field sensors and air data sensors. The module is designed for fixed installation inside the aircraft and should be connected to the aircraft pitot-static system, in order to take full advantage of it's functionality.


• Airspeed
• Altitude
• Attitude (Roll, Pitch and Heading angle)
• Wind estimation
• Side slip indication
• Vertical speed

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