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AV8TOR iPad Mini Kneeboard in Protective Binder


Includes clear internal pockets and 360° internal tablet rotation.

The Av8tor iPad mini II Retina Kneeboard has been designed to give you a comfortable way to securely wear and display your iPad on your leg. This gives you easy instant access to all your aviation apps while your device is conveniently positioned at your fingertips. The Av8tor removes that need to mount your iPad mini on the dash or take up valuable instrument space thereby helping you to manage the demands in the cockpit environment.

High quality, leg formed kneeboard with fully adjustable 40mm clip lock strap. The iPad form fitting cradle tray holds the iPad in place. The holders design allows the iPad to effortlessly rotate through 360˚ giving you the freedom to choose your best viewing angle. All of the button functions and connection ports remain accessible so the iPad can be controlled, synced and charged while it is in the Av8tor case.

The front protective cover page has a sturdy crocodile clip to secure paperwork for flight planning, clearances or note taking.
A card slot is provided on the front cover for you to personalize and identify your mini kneeboard. Internally two PVC pocket pages provide storage for up to four viewable pages. This gives you the ability to display and protect landing plates, taxi diagrams, frequency cards and any other documents.

The Av8tor iPad Mini binder Kneeboard can be worn on either leg.


  • Comfortable leg formed board.
  • Secure iPad mini clip in holder.
  • Holder tray rotatable through 360˚
  • Two internal clear PVC Pockets.
  • PVC Covered protective front cover.
  • Business card holder.
  • Front Crocodile Clip.
  • Elasticated, adjustable 40 mm clip lock strap.


  • Dimensions: L 225mm x W 1700mm x D 50mm
  • iPad mini II Retina holder: Yes
  • Kneeboard/Lapboard: Yes/Yes
  • Material: Formed pinseal ABS
  • Colour: Black
  • Port Access: All ports accessible
  • Leg Strap: Yes
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