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ATR833 Transceiver (8.33kHz)

Model: ATR833
The ATR 833 is an all new technology transceiver with many new features when compared to the previous ATR 600. The primary difference is that it offers 8.33kHz channel spacing, which is already required in some European States, and due across Europe over the coming years as bandwidth availability becomes more limited.

Certification: ETSO Certification received on 26 10 2004: EASA 210.0193

- 8.33 kHz channel spacing (but supports 25 kHz spacing)
- 57mm panel cut out
- 4 line LCD for easy operation
- Memorises frequencies with name codes
- Approx 100 ch memory with fast access
- Dual frequency watch (listen only on second freq)
- VOX intercom
- Auto Tx off after 2 mins
- Jeppesen database (please note that the integrated Jeppesen database is optional and is not warranted for integrity and accuracy but is offered as additional help and not as a primary source of information)

Technical Data
- Frequency range: 118.000MHz .... 136.975 MHz
- Channel Spacing: 8.33 kHz
- HF output power: approx 6W
- NF output power: approx 4W
- Dimensions: 57mm hole in panel; length 178mm (without connector)
- Weight: approx 700 g
- Power consumption: approx 150mA standby; 1.8A during transmission
- Power Supply: 10.5V – 14V

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