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ATPL Human Performance & Limitations CD-ROM 1

ATPL Human Performance and Limitations CD-ROM Part 1

This CD-ROM on Human Performance and Limitations is designed to help students gain a detailed knowledge of all aspects of Human Performance and Limitations in preparation for the JAR/EASA Airline Transport Pilot's Licence (ATPL) examination.

This Human Performance and Limitations course on Physiology and Health is the first part of a self-teach, interactive, multimedia, computer-based training (CBT) course designed for aviation personnel and pilots of all levels, up to ATPL, whether student or qualified. The main aim of this CBT course is to provide pilots and other aviation personnel with a comprehensive knowledge of Human Physiology and Health and to help them use this knowledge to improve flight safety. A further major objective of this CBT course is to prepare student pilots for success in the JAR/EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge examination in Human Performance and Limitations. The CD-Rom contains over 200 JAR/EASA ATPL-style questions and answers to help you test your knowledge and allow you to practice for your examination.

• The Atmosphere
• Respiration
• Circulation
• Nervous System - General
• Vision
• Hearing
• Problem Areas for Pilots
• Physical Stress
• Sleep and Body Rhythms
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