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Apple new iPad 3 & iPad 1 & 2 Handi-Case™

Model: RAM-HC1-AP8
If you want a truly portable work station specifically designed to accommodate your office essentials, you've found it. With a custom iPad holder securely fastened inside your Handi-Case™, not only is the iPad protected from harm, you now have storage options for documents, writing instruments, and other common items. Constructed of high strength composite material, this holder/case combination is perfect for anyone, from students to field techs who simply want their iPad safe and their daily life organised.

Multiple punch outs on the sides and back for running power into or out of the Handi-Case™
Multiple storage spaces inside the case to hold documents, pens, nuts, bolts, etc.
Pockets for magnets that can be used to hold pens.
Handi-Case™ closes completely while iPad is mounted.

Included with Purchase:
Handi-Case™ iPad holder
Two "rare earth magnets"
Custom RAM pen
Detachable clip

Handi-Case™ Internal Dimensions:
Length: 12.125"
Width: 9.875"
Depth/Height: 1.375"

Material: High strength composite

Suitable for use with new iPad 3 and iPad 1 & 2
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