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Air Million Greece Northern Balkans 2021 VFR Chart


Available from 20th April 2021

Printed on laminated paper, the new 2021 'Air Million' 1:500,000 scale Greece Northern Balkans map depicts:

  • Terrain,
  • Airspace
  • Navigation aids,
  • VRP and VFR routes
  • Obstacles,
  • etc.

All the necessary information for day VFR flight is included on the chart, including controlled airspace and  restricted use airspace.

This chart covers all Greece and Cyprus (2 maps at 1: 500,000 are required) on a duplex sheet 1: 500 000. The map contains all information necessary to AIP flight : airspace SFC to FL180, controlled areas and restricted areas, airfields, radio means etc.

All with the new graphic AIRMILLION ZOOM for maximum clarity and simplicity.

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