Affiliate Program

Become an AFE Affiliate, add a powerful new facility to your own company website and greatly enhance its earning capacity. As a AFE Affiliate, you can easily and quickly add online shopping to your own website, using AFE's powerful e-commerce system.

Choose some, or all of the products from the AFE online webstore, display them on your own website and earn commission on your sales. We do the rest, handling the complete customer transaction: we process the order, handle payments, shipping and after sales, you just sit back and enjoy the generous commission you earn on every sale you make.

It’s straightforward to set-up, you can add new products or delete old ones at any time and because it’s all run behind the scenes by our AFE Trade team, you don’t have to worry about keeping prices and product information up-to-date. You don’t even have to invest in any stock.

Your website earns you money, selling products your customers want to buy.

So, interested?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section first, and then fill in your details on the Sign Up page. If you have a webmaster, we can provide them with contact details for our web team for advice and support if necessary. For any questions you might have or to discuss further, please contact our Trade Sales Manager Mr. Craig Richardson on 0161 499 0023 or
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