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AFE VB4 A4-sized professional flightboard

Model: VB4S

Based on the VB2 flightboard, the VB4S has been specifically designed with extra features for use when instrument flying and training for the Instrument Rating (IR).

In-flight information is presented on the front face – phonetic alphabet and Morse code, VFR and IFR cruising level rules, holding pattern entries etc. Also on the VB4S are the regular features of pen pockets, stop watch holder ring, clear plastic cover/flap and external rear pockets. Additionally the VB4S incorporates a A5- sized ring binding and 5 clear vinyl pockets on the side of the flight board to hold Navtech, Jeppesen or UK VFR Flight Guide ‘plates’ and/or document wallets. The conventional spring-clip is retained, but moved to the right-hand side and can be used to hold an A4 or A5-sized navigation log, or to hold-open the relevant plastic pocket in the ringbinder set.

For those situations (such as the Instrument Rating test) where cockpit and
paperwork organisation is key, this is the flightboard of choice.

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