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AFE Mini Flight Bag


On reflection, we should have brought out this neat mini flight bag a long time ago.
Sized to fit a transceiver or PLB, the AFE mini flight bag is equally ideal for protecting your vital, and expensive, hardware or just keeping items such as fuel testers, sunglasses, plotters, pen sets, torches, phones etc. safe and not floating around the cockpit. After all – why spend hundreds of pounds on a shiny new gadget, only to get the screen scratched and the casing dented? The AFE mini flight bag is also the perfect small ‘grab bag’ for holding wallets, purses, credit cards, keys and other small but important items.
Manufactured from the durable heavy weight water-resistant fabric and padded inside, with a double-zip closure, this is an economic and stylish way to protect your possessions and keep them all in one place. Size 24 x 10 x 5cm

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