Weight:11.00 Kg
AFE price: £174.95

AFE Full Microlight PPL Study Pack

Model: FMP

This is the ideal study pack for the Microlight PPL, including all the equipment you will need to complete your Microlight National Private Pilot Licence and saving £££s into the bargin! Based around the best-selling PPL Course Series of training manuals, with the acclaimed ‘Microlight Pilot’s Handbook’ by Brian Cosgrove, Air Law for Microlight Pilots by Geoff Weighell and Microlight Flyers Handbook.

  • Microlight Pilot’s Handbook
  • Air Law for Microlight Pilots
  • Microlight Flyers Handbook
  • The Skyway Code
  • UK VFR Flight Guide
  • AS-5 16” navigation scale rule
  • AP-1 5” navigation protractor
  • ARC-1 flight computer
  • AFE VB-1s folding kneeboard
  • VFR navigation log pad
  • AFE Pilot’s Logbook
  • 4-colour chart-marking pen set
  • CAA 1:250 000 aeronautical chart (please specify area required)
  • soft-sided flight case

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