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AFE EASA PPL Revision Guide Pack


EASA PPL Revision Guide Pack

The EASA PPL Revision Guide Pack is a money-saving bundle of all nine of the EASA PPL Revision Guides for the EASA PPL and LAPL theoretical knowledge examinations, put together to save you money. Each Revision Guide is an indespensible aid to passing the EASA PPL/LAPL examinations, and includes essential revision and key points, three practice examination papers, correct answers with fully worked and illustrated explanations and further references to the AFE PPL Course series.

The pack consists of:

  • EASA PPL Air Law Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Operational Procedures Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Communications Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Meteorology Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Navigation Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Flight Planning and Performance Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Aircraft General Knowledge Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Principles of Flight Revision Guide
  • EASA PPL Human Performance & Limitations Revision Guide

Each revision guide is individually priced at £6.95, buying the complete set saves over £12!


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