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AFE Crew-Neck "NATO" Sweater Extra Large (48/50")

Model: C/NXL

A long time favourite of both military and civilian pilots (plus public services and other aviation personnel), this 100% wool ribbed sweater features
shoulder and elbow patches,
velcro-fastening shoulder epaulette holders
arm-mounted pen pockets.

Coloured navy blue, these hardwearing sweaters are the aviation uniform standard and available in chest sizes 32” to 58”. Due to the ribbed-knit design, these sweaters do "cling" when new. They will relax in use, and after a couple of washes. However, we find that some customers do prefer to order a size larger than their usual size, so you may wish to bear this in mind when choosing your size.

Crew-neck version of the standard ‘NATO’ uniform unisex design sweater, durable 100% wool (beware of cheaper wool/acrylic copies)

Chest Size 48/50"

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