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Model: AVP1

Simply indispensable in any pilot’s flight bag, the AVP-1 plotter is just as easily used for pre-flight planning  as for in-flight navigation and plotting functions. An essential aid for the PPL skill test, IMC and Instrument Rating and professional flight tests, the AVP-1 is equally popular with instrument rated, touring and professional pilots. Features include:

• A standard square protractor design, for pre-flight direction measuring.
• Distance measuring in nautical miles in 1:500,000 and 1:250,000 scales.
• A circular compass rose, for plotting radials from an airfield, VOR or waypoint.
• A slot along the radial axis of the compass rose for plotting a VOR/ DME position, NDB/VOR bearing line, or other bearing/ range information (GPS readout).

The AVP-1 is supplied with a comprehensive booklet describing its functions and how to make the most of its multiple features.

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