AFE price: £5,654.95

Aeroshell Ascender Turbine Oil, 209L Drum


AeroShell Ascender was developed for the latest generation of gas turbine engines as a low-coking, high compatibility product.

  • Excellent elastomer seal compatibility
  • Reduced chance of seal swell or degradation leading to high oil consumption and cost of changing the seals
  • Low coking performance Less chance of oil coke build up in bearing chambers and oils service pipes resulting in lower maintenace and cleaning costs
  • Improved oxidation and thermal stability Extended oil life during arduous engine conditions
  • Excellent compatibility with other approved oils
  • No issues or concerns when changing from one approved oil to AeroShell Ascender
  • A ‘ High Performance Capability’ grade oil
  • Improved performance over traditional ‘standard’ grade oils can help reduce maintenance costs and extend engines life
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