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Aeronautical Knowledge - Operational Procedures

Model: AKOPS

Aeronautical Knowledge Operational Procesures - ISBN 9781800350427

Operational Procedures is one of the first Theoretical Knowledge (TK) subjects to be tackled on almost any pilot’s licence course.

Nevertheless, many student pilots approach ‘Ops Proc’ with a heavy heart, not helped by the original syllabus for the subject which was confused and lacked practical knowledge. This shortcoming was addressed in the new 2015 EASA pilot training syllabi, designed to bring pilot training into line with the modern flying environment.

To make the best of this new approach to teaching aviation Theoretical Knowledge requires new training material for the student pilot, and Aeronautical Knowledge – Operational Procedures is part of a brand-new series of training manuals, designed from the beginning to take full advantage of this new methodology in aviation training. Rather than merely making revisions to an existing publication, AFE has produced a totally new training manual for Operational Procedures, covering new topics such as Threat and Error Management (TEM), EASA ‘Part-NCO’ regulations, Portable Electronic Devices (PED) and incident reporting.

Written by the best-selling aviation author of over 25 pilot training manuals, Aeronautical Knowledge – Operational Procedures finally brings this important aviation subject fully up-to-date.


Aeronautical Knowledge, Operational Procedures is the only fully up-to-date book on the subject for PPL, LAPL and NPPL pilots and student pilots, in particular covering the provisions of:

  • 2012 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA)

  • 2014 ‘Part FCL’ regulations

  • 2014 Occurrence Reporting regulations

  • 2016 Air Navigation Order (ANO)

  • 2016 ‘Part NCO’ regulations


  • OP1 Application of Threat and Error Management

  • OP2 Operation of Aircraft

  • OP 3 Avoidance of Hazards

  • OP4 Search and Rescue Procedures

  • OP5 Accidents and Incidents

  • OP6 Care of Passengers

  • OP7 National Procedures


Aeronautical Knowledge, Operational Procedures is suitable for use in conjunction with training courses for the following pilot licences:

  • EASA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) (Aeroplane)

  • EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) (Aeroplane)

  • UK National PPL (NPPL)

  • ICAO-compliant PPL or equivalent licence

  • Core knowledge for EASA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

  • Foundation knowledge for EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

  • Foundation knowledge for EASA Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL)

It also provides foundation knowledge for an Air Transport Operations/Management degree or similar academic qualification.


About the author

Jeremy M Pratt took his first flying lesson at the age of 14, paid for by working in the hangar and radio unit at his local airfield. He gained his pilot’s licence shortly after his 18th birthday after being awarded an Esso/Air League Flying Scholarship, became a flying instructor at 19 and a commercial pilot at the age of 20.

Since then he has taught (and continues to teach) pilots for a wide range of licences - both private and professional - as well as associated ratings and qualifications including night, instrument, tailwheel and multi-engine flying. He has also flown General Aviation aircraft professionally in a number of other roles including pleasure flights, traffic reporting, photography and aerial survey. He has owned and co-owned a number of General Aviation aircraft and flown a variety of aircraft types from Tiger Moth to Cessna Citation, as well as trying-out helicopter, glider, microlight and balloon flying.

The author’s first flying training books were published in 1992, since then they have sold hundreds of thousands of copies world-wide and been translated into a number of languages. In-all Jeremy M Pratt has authored and co-authored around 25 aviation training books as well as contributing to various aviation publications including Flight Training News (FTN), for which he flight tests various aircraft types.

The author works with various aviation authorities and organisations on training and safety issues. Jeremy M Pratt was part of the team that produced the 2015 EASA PPL and LAPL syllabi, he also sits on the CAA’s PPL Theoretical Knowledge Working Group.

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