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NavBlue IFR Enroute Airways Charts for Europe

Model: AERAD(H/L) +

NavBlue En Route Airways charts for Europe
NavBlue enroute IFR navigation charts, combined high & low-level 'ENC' series.

Charts are double-sided, eg North on one side, South on the other. The combined high and low altitude charts ease the transition to cruise altitude and the route oriented charts have been developed to reduce workload and improve readability on the most popular routes out of the Central European airspace. New ICAO symbology has been introduced and better use made of colour to identify different aspects of the information.
Please select area of coverage from list (see diagram for more detailed coverage).

EU(H/L)1 Scandinavia – Iceland
EU(H/L)2 UK - Atlantic Transition
EU(H/L)3 Scandinavia
EU(H/L)4 Baltic – Moscow
EU(H/L)5 Western Europe
EU(H/L)6 Eastern Europe
EU(H/L)7 Ukraine-Russia
EU(H/L)8 Southern UK - Northern Spain
EU(H/L)9 France - Mediterranean
EU(H/L)10 SE Europe - Mediterranean
EU(H/L)11 Caucuses - Turkey
EU(H/L)12 Spain - North West Africa
EU(H/L)13 North Africa
EU(H/L)14 E Mediterranean - Middle East

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