Tow Hooks

Tow Hooks

Tost has been manufacturing tow hooks for gliders since 1952, producing more than 73,000 over the last 70 years, cementing the company's place as the industry's leading manufacturer.

Tost tow hooks can be acquired as new, on an overhaul basis, or for urgent requirements, under exchange. All tow hooks are issued with an EASA Form 1. 

New purchase

AFE supplies new Tost nose and tail tow hooks (E85 series) and centre-of-gravity tow hooks (G88 series)


More commonly, AFE will facilitate the overhaul of a club's existing E85 or G88 tow hook during the winter months when the club's fleet is grounded. The overhaul service takes approximately 2-3 weeks. 


For those occasions when a tow hook requires exchange mid-season, perhaps due to damage, AFE will exchange the tow hook for a reconditioned unit in order to ensure that the gliding activity can continue uniterrupted. We will have an exchange tow hook dispatched from Tost immediately, following confirmation of type required.

For further information, please see the individual tow hook categories on this website or call our office on 0161 499 0023, or via email at


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