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1000 Q&A - General Knowledge

Keith William's 1000 Questions & Answers & Explanations General Knowledge book is designed assist students preparing to undertake the JAR ATPL and CPL General Knowledge examination.

The book contains more than 1000 questions, answers and detailed explanations, together with diagrams where appropriate. The majority of the questions are based upon feedback provided by students who have undertaken the JAR ATPL examination. By drawing feedback from the widest possible range of sources, these books provide a more comprehensive range of questions than can be achieved by any single ground school consulting only its own students. Other questions are intended to assist students in developing the required level of understanding of the more important aspects of each part of the syllabus. The explanations are intended to assist the student in developing a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the subject, rather than simply learning the answers to a limited range of questions.

A FREE interactive CD ROM is also included containing a comprehensive JAR ATPL(A) question bank.
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