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100 Ways To Fly More


100 Ways to Fly More - And Get More out of Flying is an inspiring set of tips and practical advice for anyone who wants to get more out of flying and take it to the next level. It covers all experience levels and purposes of flying, including: 

•             Essentials for the New Pilot 
•             Tips on Flying Further 
•             Trying More Challenging Flying 
•             Adding Licences and Additional Ratings 
•             Finding Cheaper Ways to Fly 
•             Keeping Your Interest Levels High for Old Dogs 
•             Improving Your Flying Technique 

If you are a private pilot who is struggling to find ways to afford to fly or encouragement to take your flying further, or even an experienced pilot who has lost the inspiration to keep flying and exploring the hobby, this new book is for you. 

This new book is written by a private pilot from his own experiences and frustrations in finding ways to fly more often to help pilots of all experience levels to do the same.

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