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1 year subscription to Flight Training News (UK only)


Flight Training News is the only news publication dedicated to flying training at all levels.

Flight Training News (known to many as ‘FTN’) is Europe's only publication dedicated to the flight training industry. In continuous publication since 1992, Flight Training News continues to bring new features, new contributors and even more comprehensive news coverage to its growing band of readers.

Many regular Flight Training News features have a long-standing popularity, including FTN's columnists’ insider views on flight training and the aviation industry; the regular ‘Where To Fly Guide’ supplements; the comprehensive Data and Stats section; and most recently the new Flight Careers News section.

If you are renewing an existing Flight Training News subscription, you will continue receiving the only monthly publication dedicated to flying training and the flight training industry. If you are new to Flight Training News, you will join our growing readership base, and FTN's focus on the areas of aviation that many other publications fail to acknowledge will continue to keep FTN readers more up-to-date and better informed than ever.

A 1-year UK subscription (12 issues) costs £19.95, mailed to your address automatically on publication.

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