Absolutely the last word in sunglasses Serengeti use the finest quality borosilicate optical glass with their exclusive hydrogen firing technology. This has 2 main advantages:
- the lens colour is fired into the glass, it is not merely a coating. This means it won't fade, or wear off.
- The lens material is the hardest, most scratch resistant optical glass available.

This means that, properly looked after, Serengeti sunglasses should last a lifetime. Serengeti lenses use their patented Spectral Control system for improved contrast and comfort, even in the brightest conditions.
Scattered blue light is a major problem in reducing visibility and definition, blue light is commonly scattered in the atmosphere by moisture particles and dust, creating "blue blur". Serengeti lenses filter out 95% of blue light, virtually eliminating this effect, reducing fatigue and significantly improving definition and contrast in hazy conditions.

Our featured Serengeti sunglasses feature 2 lens technologies:

555nm green lenses maximise green and yellow light to provide greater contrast, while a silver flash coating blocks glare.

Drivers copper/brown lenses offer a superb all-round performance, giving very good UV protection in bright conditions, plus stunning clarity and penetration in hazy or overcast conditions.

Drivers Gradient copper/brown lenses provide probably the optimal combination for flying, the lens colour acts to improve contrast and definition while minimising "blue blur", at the same time providing good colour rendition. The photochromic lens reacts quickly to changing light conditions, but the lower part of the lens (the gradient bit) is less tinted, so providing a good view of the panel even in rapid transition from bright to overcast conditions.

Frames available in Black, Gunmetal and Henna (metallic dark brown).
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