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Samlex AR33XLT mini airband scanner

Model: AR33XLT

Samlex AR33 XLT mini airband scanner

Don’t be deceived, this tiny scanner has many of the facilities found in larger models, but fits in the palm of your hand!

This very sensitive little scanner is easy to use, and has some great features including the important 8.33kHz airband frequency spacing, and even includes the 88-108MHz FM broadcast band, so you can listen to your local radio stations while waiting for some action on the VHF bands. Covers the 156MHz VHF marine band, and also the 2m(145MHz) amateur FM band, as well as the civil aircraft 118-137MHz AM band.

Nice clear orange backlit LCD display panel too, and finished in a great distinctive colour  in case you put it down somewhere, it should be very easy to find !

Main Features
• Frequency Range: VHF AM AIRBAND 118-137 MHz / VHF NFM BAND 137-175 MHz
• 8.33KHz spacing • FM Radio 88-108 MHz
• Backlighted LCD Display with 7-Digit
Full Frequency Indication
• Battery Level Meter
• Digital Signal Meter
• 99 Memory Channels
• Keypad Lock
• Keypad Tone
• Power Save, Busy, Monitor
• Skip, Delay, Scan, DW
• SMA Rubber Antenna
• Dimensions: H87 x L59 x D29 mm (without antenna)
• Weight: 100g (without batteries)

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