Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering
Randolph Engineering sunglasses in stock at Airplan Flight Equipment.
Randolph Engineering was founded in 1972 by two engineers, Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski. The vision of the co-founders was to build the business on advanced engineering principles and in time, the company turned its attention to making its own eyewear, using the tools and machinery designed and manufactured by the company itself. In 1982, RE became the prime contractor for military-style aviation flight glasses for the US Department of Defense and went on to supply sunglasses to various Government Agencies. In the 1990s, RE expanded their sales to offer commercial lines of premium products: sunglasses, shooting eyewear, and prescription frames. Today, Randolph Engineering has evolved into a full service commercial business with highly skilled engineers and experienced staff. Manufacturing operations are performed at RE’s headquarters located in Randolph, Massachusetts.
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