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Quick Study Guides

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Quick Study Guides
Airbus A319;
Airbus A320;
Airbus A330;
Airbus A340;
Boeing B737-300/500;
Boeing B737-600/700/800;
Boeing B747-400
Boeing B757-200/300;
Boeing B777;
CRJ 200;
DO328 Jet;
Embraer EMB145

Detailed, photorealistic graphics submerged in the pages of these Quick Study Guide books take the user through the comprehensive cockpit and systems review of a range of modern airliners. The Quick Study Guide makes a great training aid for anyone needing to know mode about an airliner’s systems. Each book is a comprehensive cockpit review guide, featuring an easy-to-use graphical index and detailed panel descriptions (graphical coverage of every cockpit light, switch, and gauge). The QSG mirrors cockpit panel layouts, such as the Overhead, Flight Instruments, Centre Pedestal, Glareshield, and ECAM pages. It also includes photorealistic aircraft system diagrams as well as a comprehensive Q & A section.

 Photorealistic cockpit graphics
 Aircraft system diagrams
 Detailed panel description (graphical coverage of every light, switch, gauge, and indicator in the flight deck)
 Acronyms and abbreviations section
 Thorough set of practice questions and answers
 Easy-to-use graphical index

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